Demonstration to my students how to paint a realistic koala in acrylics – establishing tonal values.

      The underpainting.

Demonstration to my students how to paint a realistic koala in acrylics – establishing tonal values darkest to lightest.
Art Tutoring in Sydney
Have you always wondered how to achieve excellent technique in drawing and painting?

Qualified tutor Cherie Vize provides tuition for primary and high school students and Adults throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. A private tutor can give a student the individual attention that is just not possible in a schoo…l setting. One-on-one tuition can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual and is therefore a powerful and efficient way to help a student reach their finest drawing potential.

Tuition is provided in Cherie’s studio in Dolans Bay, a 10 minute drive from Cronulla.

Teaching you in a range of mediums including Oils, Acrylics, Pen & Ink, Water color, Pastels, Graphite, Color pencil and other mediums.
Classes include Cartooning , Wildlife , Pet portraits, Landscape, Watercolor , Life Drawing, Pen & Ink, Botanical, Pastel , and Plein-air painting.
I focus for EXCELLENT results from my students each and every lesson.
I will teach you how to draw and paint from the basics up.
It doesn’t matter If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body. I will teach you the structure, of how to draw anatomically correct where you can apply it to every drawing or painting you start.
You will see the results in your painting. The difference between a structured painting to an unplanned painting.
What most artists don’t realize, is drawing is the foundation to every artwork. I am a firm believer in this concept.
If you plan your painting out properly and keep your drawing simple and follow the guidelines
I tell you , you will get the results you desire.
Tuition is charged at a flat hourly rate with no hidden costs. I operate on a purely pay-as-you go basis, giving you the flexibility you need.
 $20 per hour
Classes are held on :
 Monday –  12:00 am
Tuesday – 10:00 am
Friday  12:00 pm
Saturday – 12:00 am
Sunday 12:00 am 

Contact Cherie on : H:95251091


About vizearts

Vizearts - Beginners to Advanced Art classes for all ages in Sydney - Kids Art Classes -Student Art Classes - Adult Art Classes Private Tuition is available. Learn how to Draw & Paint With Fine Artist & Qualified Art Tutor Cherie Vize. Teaching you in oils, acrylics, watercolor, graphite, color pencil, pastels, pen & ink & mixed media. Australian, Sydney based Fine Artist Cherie Vize is an Art tutor in all mediums including oils,graphite,watercolor,acrylics, & mixed media. Studying at various places such as Julian Ashton , Artist Peter Wale's Classes Fur And Feathers , The Royal Art Society and Artist John Wang's art class, which have further helped develop her own unique style of painting. From having a love for art from a young age, Cherie has continualy practiced to better her art. Having being awared a number of artistic awards over the years, she believes drawing is the key to accurate drawing. "Once you understand how to draw with structure, step by step it will show in your painting, the less specific the better the drawing or any art piece your persue... " Cherie Vize has been teaching Art classes for over 2 years to a variety of ages and levels of beginners to advanced art students from 5 yrs and up.Giving individual attention to each of her students in a comfortable location, the student can focus & engage in the lesson , whether it be one on one tuition, or to a class of 10. Art classes are structured specifically to a curriculum, which is followed until finished. The curriculum includes:50 % theoretical , 50% practical. Group demonstrations are held regularly at the beginning of class, demonstrating how to use a variety of mediums, to ensure students understand thoroughly what is being instructed. Excellent results are achieved each and every lesson benifiting the student , bringing out fine results in their work and a broader understanding of each medium. Classes are held from my Studio at 30 Parthenia St, Dolans Bay every Tues,Friday & Sunday at 12pm. Afternoon & night Art Classes are available. Every Monday,Thursday and Saturday Art classes are held from Wetherill Market Town at 1024 Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park inside the shopping centre infront of Franklins. I also teach afternoon & night classes email if you are interested. To join my Art Class call M: 0411 380 074 or email E: Commissioned art is also available, tshirt & tattoo designs, paintings etc email me for a quote. Australian Sydney based Fine Artist Cherie Vize has been teaching Art c

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